Are you looking for relevant information on how to get personal loans in South Africa? Well hopefully the following details will give you a better idea of what to expect.

With the current world economic climate still in a fragile position, it has become more difficult in gaining a loan for any amount from banks and financial institutions. Gone are the days when you could just walk in to most high street banks with a couple of recent payslips and your id or passport and get the loan money transferred to your account within 48 hours.

How do you get a personal loan?

If you wish to gain a personal loan and live in South Africa then, it’s important to figure out exactly how much you wish to apply for and exactly what it’s required for. Banks and financial institutions still have a service and duty of care and although they’re not as generous with lending money as years gone by, they still have financial obligations and government targets to meet.

personal loan south africa

Need a Loan? We can help

There are two loans that are usually available a secured and non secured loan. A secured loan is usually granted from a bank or leading financial body if you have good credit rating or have a steady bank balance and is normally secured against your property or has a guarantor. The interest payments you’ll pay with this type of loanare much less and more favourable than an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan is usually the type of loan that you would go for if you have bad debt, have been in involved in a debt management program or have been blacklisted at some point. These type of loans are usually granted by third party agents and sub prime loan companies who take on more risk than high street banks and the interest is much higher with an unsecured loan.

Secured loan or non secured loan?

With either the secured or unsecured type of loan you can apply either by a personal visit or most loan lenders have an easy to fill out online application form and a decision can normally be reached within 24 hours based on the information you provide.

There are other factors to consider when applying for a personal loan in South Africa and includes a recent utility bill or payment as proof of address, recent employers payslips, any relevant bank statements and your South African identification card.

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      1. Mazwi w dladla

        can you please organise a homeloan for us my self nd my partner we have 3kids together and our credit history is not good bt we really like to have a home for our childrens we both working not fency jobs but we get paid
        mr m.w.dladla(id no 8208185740082)

    1. Loan Approver Post author

      Hello Bobby

      Please use the online application form on the right hand side and we can take it from there

    1. Loan Approver Post author

      yes we can help you, just fill in the contact form on your right and we can start processing your application.

    1. Loan Approver Post author

      Hi Sharon, yes we can help you get a home loan. Please use the contact form on the right to make your application.

  1. Tamarin

    Hi! I am ITC listed and urgently want a home loan. I want to use a portion of the home loan to settle all my debts – approximately R100’000 – and buy a property with the rest, as well as furniture for the property. I earn R9000/month, and my husband earns R5000/month – we are both permanently employed.

    Can anyone help us? Pretty please.

  2. Mattheus jacobus Nell

    Good day

    Can you help me. Me and my wife want to buy a business for R250000.00 and we have bad credit, we want to start this business to get our credit back to standards and to have a better feture can youhelp me please.

    Regards Tiaan

  3. Angie

    Hi i am interested in a consolidation loan. i have a judgement in my name. please advise if you can assist. i need to consolidate all my debt.

  4. Erika

    Good day,

    I would like to consolidate my debt – but keep on being declined because I fell behind on my accounts. Would someone plese be so
    as to assist me?

    Kind regards

  5. Marina

    I would like to consolidate my debt. I am keep been declained for personal loans due to my back fall on payments. Please can you help me.



  6. Michael

    Hi am blaclisted at itc and also have judgements against my name i need about R130 000 to buy an RDP-HOUSE and pay off all existing debt. Want to know if you will be able to help me. Earn R12500 a month, married, three children and only income 0762248969

  7. cornelia schreuder

    were you successful with the home loan, we’ve been struggling for over 6 mths to get a home loan

  8. bethnie govender

    Hello my name is bethnie govender I need I personal loan for 25000 reason been I want to free all my account and also I earn 4900 a month & I also want no credit check done & I can pay the loan over 48month & my number is 0847058397 & I live in durban hope to get a call from u need the loan ASAP

  9. jacky

    I need consolidation loan pls work permanant for government and I am blacklisted on itc are being turned down because of affodibality pls help save my life!!!

  10. richard oelofse

    Hi my name is richard I need to get a loan to pay my accounts finish I want to make a better life for my kids and with my account I can’t so please if their is anyone to help please phone me on 0814766821/0814746282 thanks

  11. Ryno

    I completed the form but i have not heard form anyone yet, please advice as I need to get a loan asap….

  12. Aadiela

    Good morning, I urgently need to pay of
    My debts, I have tried everywhere but
    Without any sucess, I’m a single mother
    Of two and my eldest is going to school
    Next year

    Please help me



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