The term finance refers to a variety of things relating to money and assets. Finance may relate to the knowledge and management of money and assets in the commercial and government sectors. This type of knowledge may be a field of specialisation at a tertiary institution as well as refined for practical use under the scope of employment. Finances may also refer to the resources that a state has available to satisfy the needs of its people. This type of finance always relates to scarce resources and usually requires management by a department the administration of bureaucrats.

Finance is a term that commonly refers to money that an individual or commercial entity requires for the purposes of funding their business interests or assets. This type of finance can be sourced from financial institutions as well as a variety of organisations that specialise in this. For an individual to receive finance from a financial institution usually requires proof that the individual will be able to pay back what they are borrowed as well as have a good history of doing so.

Commercial entities may require outsourced finance at their inception in order to begin their day-to-day activities. Businesses may also need finance when they are looking to expand. This type of finance may be required for businesses to buy a variety of assets or to employ more people for their expansion.

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