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Online Personal Loan Approval in 1 Hour

Occasionally you won’t be able to wait till pa day on the 25th of 30th day of the month.  Possibly you have a lot of bills that really need to be paid such as a car payment. perhaps you have a trip planned to go to the coast or just require a bit of cash to take your spouse for a special date and your pay day is just too far. Cash loans from Loan lenders make it possible for you to get money in your bank account in just under an hour. Yes that’s right, you can get money in your bank account in 1 hour, as long as you supply all the required document to us to start processing your loan application . You can get the loan you need within 24 hours.  The online loan application process does not need any fax of any papers.

These are a few of the benefits that you can expect when applying for a personal loan

  • No credit checks
  • No proof of income
  • Instant, direct deposit of quick personal loans
  • No Faxing needed
  • Simple application requirements

You can get up to R150,000 into your account with no hassle. There is no need for a credit check if you are applying for a loan for a small amount.  You do need to be employed for a period of 6 months though to be able to repay the loan for us to give you the loan. You also need to have a bank account in which we will deposit the loan. Our objective is to assist you get the loan you need fast and with a no hassle.

Remember do bring any other proof of income such as a payslip, or bank statements if you work in the informal sector.  Get a quick cash advance loan today and be able to cover all your expenses. The application process does not take long and this can be done on your laptop or using your mobile phone. One of our friendly staff will get in touch with you to verify that all the information that you supplied is correct.  Soon after that you can have your loan transferred into your account within 24 hours. The loan amount is electronically transferred  directly to your bank account. We can send to Nedbank, FNB, Standard Bank and Capitec.

You also do not require a credit card or collateral such as how some loan sharks operate for you to qualify for an online cash loans. The only prerequisite is that you do not have any outstanding loan with any other short term loan company as this will not work well with the NCR. We appreciate the significance of your personal information and be rest assured that we will not share your information with any other company. Feel free to apply for a personal loan using the online loan application form on the website.

30 Responses to “Online Personal Loan Approval in 1 Hour”

  1. sello says:

    want to find uot if i can qualify for your personal loan

  2. Antoon van Dyk says:

    Yes i wana find out if i qaulify for a loan

  3. alicia wagner says:


  4. ulandie says:

    Hi there!

    Just wanna find out if I can apply for a loan
    I’m a massage therapist and we get our money cash and don’t get payslips and only recently open a bank account

    I got no credit on my name and it would be the first time ever making a loan
    But so many places turned me down cuz of no proof
    Please can someone help , I’m in real need now

  5. Alec Koch says:

    Good Day

    Can you please send me an application form

  6. Nick Breytenbach says:

    Good day,

    Im urgently in need of a consolidation loan of R40000. Would you be able to help? I dont have the best credit record and loan will consolidate my debt

  7. Elenore says:

    I would like to apply for a loan of aprox 5k – 8k and am permanently employed.. I can afford to pay back between 1k and 2k p/month depending on approved amount.

    Please also let me know if you support ABSA clients?

  8. jackie says:

    hi i urgently need a loan of R10 000… for my son.. he has cerebral pulsy and needs new leg braces.. please can you help me?? i have a bad credit record…

  9. Alicia says:

    Hi there

    I need an urgent loan, like by tomorrow morning urgent. It can be personal to the amount of R4000 or a payday loan of R600

    Please I need it asap. I get paid by cheque and I have a written payslip monthly. I am permanent but because I was employed after the Financial Year end, my boss just pays me a set amount of R5500 and I don’t pay UIF as yet as my salary will increase as of the 1st of March. Please assist. I do not have money for transport or to take care of myself for the month

  10. Donovan says:

    Hi, my credit rating is not the greatest but I desperately need a loan for some expenses that popped up

  11. eudore says:

    I need a R1500 loan and fast. I need to pay my son aftercare and petrol money can u help?

  12. Dwayne says:

    I require a R120 000 loan and repayed over a period of 60 months, permanently employed, salary is R8 500 p/m, need to pay off debt and pay just this one loan.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards


  13. Luvumo Pingo says:

    I want to aply for a personal loan

  14. Randall Blankenberg says:

    I need the money to buy property, pay off my debts and build a house.

  15. bongane says:

    I want the loan of R6000 i want to pay my depts and my wages a week its R632 p/w

  16. ameda says:

    I’d like to make a loan plz

  17. Natasha says:


    Can you please send me an application form

  18. Neville du Plessis says:

    Need to know if I would qualify for a loan

  19. sandile says:

    Debt consolidation will be the best to do.

  20. Nanje says:


    Please send me an application form.

    This is very urgent.



  21. Hey I need a personal loan for 25000 reason been is because I need 2free all my account & I earn 4900 a month & I can pay the loan over 36months thank you

  22. wynand says:

    i need a loan to buy a cheap car,and im blacklistd and no one wants to help me

  23. Nobom says:

    l would like to apply for a personal loan of R150 000.My no is 0840340580.Kind Regards.

  24. calvin says:

    i need a loan from 8000 to 10000,want to renovate my mother’s house,i’ve had a loan once from nsfas at university and i’m permanently working now for municipality as system and website administrator.can u please help me.

  25. Robert says:

    Good Day
    Can you please send me an
    application form

  26. taryn palmer says:

    I need a loan asap pls

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