Student Loans by Loan Lenders – Loans for students

Your ticket to making it happen – kick start your studies with Loan Lenders and Unleash your potential.

You want to study through a University, a University of Technology or Private Higher Education institution… and have a burning desire to expand your brainpower…to realise your full potential. Loan lenders provides loans for students.

The Student Loans from Loan lenders help you take active control of not just your finances, but also your life, so that you can be all you want to be.

The choice is yours to get a life start student loan

Browse through our range of Study Finance Options below and make your selection.

What makes our Student Loans Special

  • You do not have to have a bank account at anyone of the local banks to apply
  • Hassle free application process
  • Immediate answer on the outcome of your application
  • Voice recorded contract in the name of the parent or legal guardian
  • Easy loan renewals
  • Customer Protection Plan covers both the student and the parent against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Interest Only payments for the study duration of Life Start Student Loans
Get the docs ready before you apply for a Life Start Student Loan
To process your application, we will need:
  1. Utility bill/rates and taxes i.e. water and lights account, for FICA purposes for your parent/legal guardian
  2. South African ID book (green, bar coded) for you and your parent/legal guardian
  3. Proof of admission/registration at your tertiary education institution
  4. 3 month bank statement from your parent/legal guardian
  5. For  a smart spend loan application your proof of income (all your original pay slips for the past month)
Use the online application form on this website to apply and get your study loan today.


3 thoughts on “Student Loans by Loan Lenders – Loans for students

  1. na lambrechts

    Hallo I’m a student from pukke university and my father lives in switzerland and gives ma a income of about 10000 a month . I still owe the university R12000 and I’m wondering if you can maybe help me

    1. Loan Approver Post author

      Hi na lambrechts

      We have helped a lot of students since we started this website. Please use the form on this website and one of our friendly consultants will send you the applications.


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